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Muster /rushes

80 min, Germany 2012




A former Benedictine monastery was transformed into a prison, became a concentration

camp during WWII. After it’s liberation in 1945 by American troops, it was turned

into a girls’ reformatory in 1955, which was closed in the 1970s and replaced by today’s

psychiatric institution. A memorial museum was established in the 1980s. The film

is a kind of walk through the complex in different times. 

The actors recur in each of the different scenes as well, playing different roles each time, and further contributing to the eerie sense of history unwittingly repeating itself. Then film  offers complex, misleading, and violent incarnations of German history and culture. 


selected Secens

11:40 min

coming soon






Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey

Amelie Kiefer

Tarik Goetzke

Oona von Maydell

Sabine Wackernagel

Jeff Burrell

Tómas Lemarquis

Angela Melitopoulos


director & screenplay

Clemens von Wedemeyer




Janina Herhoffer



production design

Carla Ehrlich


costume design

Julia Schiller



DoP & Steadicam

Frank Meyer





...full cast & crew


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