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Mystery cache

80 min, Germany 2012


The generous invitation to Bavaria by famous King Ludwig II historian PROFESSOR BUEKREL starts out as a great opportunity for MALINA, writing her thesis on the Bavarian King. While touring the famous Bavarian castles Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee together with the professor, her boyfriend GABRIEL, who accompanied her to Bavaria, is on the hunt of a famous and still undiscovered geocache, hidden somewhere in Bavaria. As his treasure hunt leads him all over Bavaria, he soon not only finds out that all the geocaches are somehow connected to Kind Ludwig II, but also that the professor seems to be somehow involved in all this. When he understands that Malina is in great danger, it is already too late.


selected Secens

12:45 min

coming soon


Trailer (german)





Mareike Lindenmeyer

Gabriel Raab

Tassilo von Wiedersperg

David Zimmerschied

Walter Hess

Felix Hellmann




Philipp Dettmer



Phillipp Dettmer

Holger Frick




Tobias Peper



production design

Helen Kraiczy


costume design

Helena Blank




DoP & Steadicam

Frank Meyer



...full cast & crew


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